San Francisco Public Safety Building

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Role: Civil Engineer of Record, QSD/QSP
  • Agency: San Francisco Department of Public Works
  • Estimated Cost: $164,000,000.00

The Public Safety Building (PSB)   project will provide a replacement facility for the SFPD Headquarters and the   Southern District Police Station, currently located at 850 Bryant (the Hall   of Justice). The Public Safety Building provides the necessary structural and   operational resiliency to enable police leadership to promptly and properly   coordinate public safety services in the city for decades to come. The new   PSB will be located at Mission Bay Block 8 in San Francisco. The project has   a total area of 300,000sf, this includes Police Headquarters, Police Station,   Fire Station, a Shared functional area and a Parking Structure. It is   anticipated to achieve a LEED Gold certification.

TECI scope includes: Sidewalk   improvements, utility layout and design of all on-site and offsite utilities;   erosion control plan, coordination with engineering regarding realignment of   China Basin and Mission Rock, on-site hardscape for driveways and plazas,   QSD/QSP.