Nogales Road Widening

  • Location: Nogales, AZ
  • Role: Civil Engineer
  • Agency: General Services Administration, Region 9
  • Client: SOHA Engineers

This project consists of performing a feasibility study of the traffic management problems at the entrance to the Commercial Truck Compound at Mariposa. The commercial truck inspection compound composes of 4 primary lanes and 92 truck docks, accommodating 1,000 trucks per day.

The report identified specific problem areas, proposed a roadway widening scheme and a potential future expansion scheme based on cost, constructability, traffic management during construction, and environmental issues. The proposed widening will be built on a steep side slope. Careful alignment of the roadway expansion involving the use of a retaining wall. The goal of this project is to achieve the desirable expansion with the least impact to the cost, operation, and environment.