Central Subway Phase 2

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Role: Utility Relocation Task Lead; JV Partner for Utilities Relocation and Tunneling Contract
  • Estimated Cost: $1,700,000,000.00
  • Client: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

This project consists of the construction of the new light rail line that will connect Visitacion Valley to North Beach in 3 phases: Phhase 1 - Visitacion Valley to Fourth Street and King Street, Phase 2 - Fourth Street and King to Chinatown, and Phase 3 - Chinatown to North Beach

Phase 2 has 7 Construction Packages (CP): 

  1. CP 1 - Utility Relocation for Moscone Station and Portal
  2. CP 2 - Utility Relocation for Union Square/Market Street Station
  3. CP 3 - Tunnel Construction 
  4. CP 4, 5, 6 - Union Square/Market Street Station, Chinatown Station, Moscone Station
  5. CP 7 - Surface Track

TECI takes the lead and manages the Utilities Relocation design and coordination for 6 out of the 7 Construction Packages. Furthermore, we are the JV Partner with PB Americas for CP 1, 2 and 3. These packages are either completed or under construction.

This project affects heavily populated areas within the City. It requires strenuous coordination with both public and private agencies. Agencies that TECI worked side by side with includes, SFWD, SFFD, AWSS, SFPUC, SFDPW, SFMTA, SFDPT, Urban Forestry, MUNI, PGE, ATT, Comcast, NRG and more. As the Package Manager for CP1 and CP2, TECI worked closely with the designers for all agencies to ensure the quality and timely submittal of the Plans, Specifications, Estimates and Quality Control Process.

Apart from that, TECI also coordinated with the businesses that will be affected to ensure that SFMTA have their cooperation and that there will be very limited disruption during construction